Online LF UPS 31 10-30KVA

  • Low Frequency Three Phase Ups 10kva

    Low Frequency Three Phase Ups 10kva

    MXD 31 10KVA Features:
    MXD 31 10KVA UPS could be used for the worst environment. Also it has perfect protect function. Moreover, it has the AC input, over-voltage, under-voltage, output over-voltage, short circuit protection, inverter, rectifier over-temperature protection, voltage under-voltage warning, battery over charging protection and other protections in one, to ensure system operation stably and reliably.

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  • 20kva 3 Phase Input 1 Phase Output Online Ups 384V

    20kva 3 Phase Input 1 Phase Output Online Ups 384V

    MXD 31 20KVA Feature:
    MXD 31 20KVA UPS is adopting the technology, which combined with the world's most advanced DSP digital control technology currently, and IGBT high frequency Pulse Width Modulation technique (PWM). Double-conversion online topology desi gn makes the output frequency of UPS, which used for tracking, phase-locking, voltage regulator and filter out noise, interference from the power grid fluctuations in pure sine wave power supply, and make the UPS more comprehensive and protection for the users.

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  • Pure Sine Wave Ups 30kva 3 Phase For Server

    Pure Sine Wave Ups 30kva 3 Phase For Server

    MXD31 30KVA Feature:
    1. High level battery reliability:
    - Automatic battery test
    - Battery care, Battery life span can be increased approximately by 20% more
    2. Back feed protection: to avoid energy feeding back into the mains supply
    3. Bypass may be deactivated to allow operation as a frequency converter (at 50 or 60 Hz), or as stabilizer
    4. Easy to maintain (front access)
    5. Reliable, filtered, stabilised and regulated sine wave output (double on-line concersion technology VFI according to EN50091-3 specifications) with filters for atmospheric disturbance suppression
    6. High reliability: IGBT technology, full microprocessor control with no-break static and manual bypass
    7. High level diagnostics: event log with 128 messages, states, measurements and alarms-available from the built-in LCD in several languages
    8. The UPS may be configured with the RS232 serial port (flash up-gradable )

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  • Ups Backup Power 40kva Three Phase 220v

    Ups Backup Power 40kva Three Phase 220v

    MXD31 40KVA Feature:
    1.Adopt the latest three-level inverter technology
    2.Advanced DSP digital control system
    3.Active input Power Factor Correction (PFC)
    4.Super wide input frequency range
    5.Output power factor 0.8
    6.Powerful expansibility features

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