ups 1500va

  • Uninterruptible Power Source 1000va 1500va

    Uninterruptible Power Source 1000va 1500va The off-line UPS is standby status with batteries being charged in normal AC time.When the power supply unexpectedly shuts down,the built-in inverter will in no time convert the battery output into AC to keep stable power supply.The UPS is generally considered high rate,low noise while running and cost-effective,mostly used in comparably stable environment with a small fluctuation of utility power and lower requirement of power supply quality.

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  • Offline Standby Ups 600va 1500va 2000va 3000va

    Offline Standby Ups 600va 1500va 2000va 3000va VM 600-3000VA UPS is the power solution to avoid data loss of your computers from power failure.It offers comprehensive power protection against surges, spikes and over-voltage or under-voltage situations. With microprocessor control technology, it guarantees high reliability, which is suitable for home or small office appliance.

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  • Ups Online Line Interavtive 600va 1500va

    Interavtive UPS 600-1500VA Features: Keep your devices running when the grid goes down or give yourself enough time to power down safely. This self contained UPS is ideal for the home PC. Features include intelligent CPU control, automatic battery charging in UPS off mode, surge protection, voltage overload/low voltage protection and much more.

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