What is three phase input/output ups?


What is three phase input/output ups?

Three-phase input three-phase output UPS.the capacity includes 10KVA to 500KVA. The capacity is large. On the basis of the input three-phase form, the output also adopts the three-phase form, so that the current of each single-phase output is not too large. . When purchasing an uninterruptible power supply UPS in the form of three-phase output, the unbalanced load capacity of the UPS should be considered. Usually, an unbalanced power supply UPS with 100% unbalanced load capacity should be purchased.

UPS application field

1. Bank

UPS power supply is very common in the banking industry. We rarely see power outages in banks. UPS power supplies are used in ATM machines, servers and other places in banks. At present, banks are one of the largest consumer groups of UPS power supplies.

2. Telecommunications

There will be power outages in cities, when it seems rare that a phone can't get out. This is because UPS power supplies are installed on servers and communication base stations in the telecommunications industry, which can ensure constant power supply. The telecommunications industry is also a large consumer of UPS power supplies.

3.Industrial equipment

In the actual production process, in the case of a sudden power failure of many equipment, it will cause great damage to the equipment or cause great trouble to the back-end production. For example, a common injection molding machine must use a UPS power supply at this time. , This type of equipment is very common in factories, and the amount of UPS power used is also very large, which is usually solved by medium and small power UPS power.

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